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About us

We are Polish American Club of Miami (PACOM)
Established 1938 | Non-Profit organization 501c (4)
1250 NW 22nd Ave
  Miami, FL 33125

Mission Statement

Our mission is to stimulate public interest in Polish culture and promote participation in Polish cultural activities.

We strive to achieve this primarily through the presentation of authentic Polish events and the promotion of participation in Polish cultural activities.
We hope to educate the public and members of the organization on:
Polish history, culture, traditions, events, etc.


The original Polish American Club (PAC) was founded in 1938.

Our club sits on a prime parcel of land located on the Miami River.

Although the club has fallen into disrepair, the land is still owned by the Club and is in a very desirable location.

Many wonderful events have been organized at the club for Poles and their friends.
Polonia in Miami area has enjoyed Polish Club for years until it fell on hard times.
Now, it’s time to bring in back to Miami and we are determined to do it in the best way possible. Polonia once again will have place to promote Poland and its culture. 

2017-11-27 PACOM history scan_27112017-6
2017-11-27 PACOM history scan_27112017-1
2017-11-27 PACOM history scan_27112017-2
2017-11-27 PACOM history scan_27112017-5
2017-11-27 PACOM history scan_27112017-7
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